Psychic Psychology

Psychic Psychology

My first book recommendation for this blog is Psychic Psychology by John Friedlander & Gloria Hemsher.

This book’s subtitle is Energy Skills for Life & Relationships.  I have been waiting for this book to come out for a long time, having been aware of it’s creation for many months before it was published just a few weeks ago.  I have John Friedlander’s previous book on psychic development, which is a very good primer on cultivating our inner senses using techniques inspired by the teachings of the Berkeley Psychic Institute & the Seth teachings.  This new book expands greatly on these skills, encompassing and deepening the wealth and breadth of his nearly 40 years in the field of psychic arts.  Rich in both theory & practice, you cannot find a more comprehensive text to guide you toward development of your psychic awareness. Over 300 pages of information & exercises that are easy to learn & life changing when you practice them.  They have also created an accompanying cd of recorded meditational teachings for those who wish to learn in this manner.  It is also available in a Kindle edition. 


Shamanic Movie Recommendation #2

The hollywood movie from 2011 Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh & starring many renowned actors, is my second recommendation for a movie with a shamanic theme. This story, inspired by the Thor graphic novel series by Marvel comics, has many shamanic elements. The protagonist is the Norse god Thor, cast out of Asgard for an act of arrogance by his father Odin. He travels the Bifrost rainbow bridge from the upper worlds of the Norse pantheon to planet Earth. He struggles to find his way in a new world, then at last restored to power in a heroic effort to save his kin from the Frost Giants in battle with Odin’s warriors. He spends much of the movie traveling between the worlds & using his inner senses to restore balance to his home.

Shamanic movie recommendation

Here is a movie that  has much shamanic significance.

Harvey was made in 1950, based on the Pulitzer prized play by Mary Chase, and starring  James Stewart.  Harvey is about a man- Elwood P. Dowd, who befriends a 6 foot tall white rabbit named Harvey that is a pooka- an irish faery spirit.  Elwood has strong clairvoyant & clairaudient senses, and communicates continuously with Harvey for advice & camaraderie.   The movie chronicles how Elwood & Harvey’s friendship impacts the community they live in.  They open many minds & change many lives along the way! Available for viewing in entirety on YouTube!

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