About Rainbow Magik

Providing transtemporal, interstellar navigation for the space age soul.  Offering 21st Century Shamanic Healing Arts worldwide.  Visit me on my website here: http://www.rainbowmagick.com,

On my Keen page here: http://www.keen.com/rainbowmagik  

or follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rainbowmagick  This is a public blog to accompany my business website.  I aim to inspire, educate, learn & share information relevant to my work.  I welcome your presence here!


One response to “About Rainbow Magik

  1. Hi,
    I am Avinash from India I have done some Reiki Courses and have taken some Kundalini classes and do mediation everyday. But I am feeling blockage in my body and they are not curing. I have taken many times healing session from other healers but my blockage still there. Please guide me how can I remove my blockage or who can help me to remove them. Please cure me and help me.
    I don’t want only Reki if you have other things I want that too I just want to be cure there is not meter which kind of Energy or healing you use.
    My email address is: avinashrawal100@msn.com
    Thanks & Reagrds

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