I have been involved in the theory & practice of metaphysics, magick, mysticism & spiritual healing techniques for over 20 years. My lifelong psychic awareness & connection to the spirit world has been technically enhanced by formal education with many well-known schools of mystery.
I have studied with:

New Reformed Order of the Golden Dawn, 1995 NROOGD Initiate

Starhawk, Spiral Dance 2007

A School for Self & Energy Awareness 1998-2000 Certification in Advanced Clairvoyant program

Foundation for Shamanic Studies 2000 Basic Shamanic healing workshop

International Center for Reiki Training 2006 Reiki Master/Teacher attunement

Aerious Yewwood Forest Retreat Centre, Mark & Mary McNutt Huna shamanic training 2008

Jan Engels-Smith, Light Song School of Shamanic Studies 2004-2009 Full Shamanic Healing program graduate

Tom Cowan, Faery Doctoring workshop 2006

R.J.Stewart, various workshops 2000-2008

Orion Foxwood, various workshops 2004-2008

Caitlin Matthews, Faeries & Ancestors 2008

Circle of the Living Earth, Shamanic healing 2006

Academy of Clairvoyance & Consciousness, Dream into being 2011

East West School of Massage & Bodywork, Graduate 2006

Robert Moss, Dream workshops 2011

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Master/Teacher 2011

Psychic Development Certification with Catherine Morris 2011

Teaching Assistant at LightSong School of Shamanic Studies 2011-2012

The Power of Focused Intent with Sandra Ingerman 2012


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